In this episode we take a look at the impact Salesforce MFA may have when Salesforce makes it required for all orgs. Salesforce has a new Backup and restore service coming and also we have the Salesforce eco-system news.

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In this episode, Anup gets down and dirty with continuous integration & deployment with Salesforce and London’s Calling, the largest Salesforce Community event outside the US!!

The Audio quality may not be as good as usual as we didn’t realise one of the microphones was picking up the wrong audio.

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If you want to learn more about Salesforce Devops checkout a newly published book:


Anup was invited to Salesforce Tower in London for a special session on a deep dive into Web Component Development and Francis talks to him on the tips, tricks and best practice that he learnt.

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A round-up of the news in the World of Salesforce for June 2019, recorded on 23rd August 2019.

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Salesforce Infrastructure Chatter Group

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  • New IPs
  • Feature Retirements
  • Instance Refreshes for EU Datacentres
  • Service maintenance outages

4mins – Winter ’20

  • Winter ’20 Sandbox Preview Instructions
  • Our strategies on what sandboxes to keep in the existing version and which ones to upgrade

7min 5secs – The Anti-confetti

8min 10secs – New Salesforce Object Creator – Excel to App…

11min 30secs – ClickSoftware Aquisition

15min 12secs – Other News

Francis’ Tip of the Month


A round-up of the news in the World of Salesforce for June 2019, recorded on 11th July 2019.

Salesforce Permissiongeddon the Results:

Salesforce has published there RCA on the security incident that started on 17th May 2019. Some interesting things in there including their deployment process for database changes and their use of database flashback technology, find out more here:

Code Review Tools posted a blog: What we learnt scanning 10.2 billion lines of Salesforce code. With some interesting insights

Salesforce acquires Tableau

1000 Trailblazer Groups

Anup steps down from London Developer User Groups:

Ladies be Architects

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