A brand new episode of the Salesforce Posse podcast is now live. I, Francis Pindar, had the honour of hosting Lars Malmqvist, Partner at Implement Consulting Group, a #Salesforce CTA from Denmark, who is the master of Salesforce anti-patterns and generative AI.

🔎 In this episode, we deeply dive into the world of Salesforce anti-patterns, like the common belief that ‘declarative is always safe’. Any seasoned Salesforce professional will confirm that this is far from the truth! As well as some other fascinating anti-patterns.

🧩 We also unpack the concepts of patterns and anti-patterns, highlighting their significance in architecting sound Salesforce solutions.

💼 If you are a Salesforce admin, developer, or aspiring architect, this episode is a treasure trove of tips and insights to help you navigate your career path and avoid common pitfalls in Salesforce implementation.

📘 Lars, author of two insightful books on AI and Salesforce anti-patterns, helps us explore the limitations of the platform and design decisions to take, which isn’t adequately addressed by Salesforce’s own training.

🎧 Tune in to the Salesforce Posse podcast to enrich your understanding of Salesforce anti-patterns and glean insights from industry influencers. You’re guaranteed to take away something valuable from my conversation with Lars!