Confidence is coming from a place of feeling comfortable.
Andrea Pacini

In this episode of the Salesforce Posse Podcast, I have a conversation with Andrea Pacini. He is a presentation coach and Head of Ideas on Stage UK. He specialises in working with business owners, leaders and their teams who want to become more confident presenters. 

Since 2010 Ideas on Stage has worked with thousands of clients around the world, including companies like Microsoft, Lacoste, The World Bank and over 500 TEDx speakers. 

Andrea is on a mission to stop great ideas from failing just because of the way they are presented. His vision is to help hundreds of thousands of business leaders share their message so they can grow their business, increase their influence and make a positive impact in the world. 

We start the conversation with Andrea’s childhood, career journey, and why he wanted to become a presentation coach. Communication is how we share thoughts, ideas, and feelings. To establish good communication between people, we have to explain them effectively. It doesn’t matter if you have brilliant ideas or experiences if you can’t communicate them properly. Every audience is different. Some prefer simple language, and some prefer more complex language. It’s based on the knowledge level the audience has on the subject. In this part of our conversation, we discuss the importance of using language that everybody in your audience can understand.


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[03.12] Communication – It doesn’t matter that you have ideas, expertise, or experience if you can’t communicate them effectively.
[10.11] Pitching and convincing – Why do we want to adjust differently to different audiences?
[15.58] PowerPoint – Andrea explains what we have to do to deliver an effective presentation.
[19.29] Public speaking – What do we need to do to make a public presentation to our fullest potential?
[21.53] Rehearsing – The best way to address resistance, public speaking anxiety, or nervousness is to internalize your message.
[23.24] Confidence – The more you do something, the more confident you become at doing it.
[29.37] The advice – Andrea’s advice to improve your presentation skills.
[34.23] Online content – The difference between an average communicator and a great communicator is applying the fundamental principles of communication.