Episode 3: June Salesforce Newscast: Permissiongeddon, Blockchain, LWC & when Triggers don’t fire

A round-up of the news in the World of Salesforce for May 2019. Salesforce Permissiongeddon: Google Doc: Salesforce Pardot Incident – Ongoing Updates (Unofficial) Kier Bowden’s Blog ‘Salesforce woes – It’s deja vu all over... Read More


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Anup Jadhav

Technical Architect
Anup Jadhav is a Salesforce MVP (Developer) and a software engineer/technical architect who likes solving interesting problems and a good coffee in the morning. He is @anup on twitter and sometimes blogs at anup.io.

Francis Pindar

Technical Architect
Technical Architect at NetStronghold, Salesforce HoF (MVP 2017-2019), Online tutor to 12,000+ students, 15x Salesforce Certified.

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