In this episode of the Salesforce Posse podcast, host Francis Pender engages with Vanessa Grant, a Los Angeles-based business analyst and consultant with over 13 years in the Salesforce ecosystem. Vanessa discusses the critical role of quality business analysis in Salesforce projects, sharing insights from her experience and emphasizing the importance of effective stakeholder management. Ideal for Salesforce professionals seeking to enhance their BA skills or understand its impact, this episode is packed with valuable advice and fun anecdotes from Vanessa’s career journey.

What you will learn

  • What is a Salesforce Business Analyst?
  • Why developing strong business analysis skills is crucial for Salesforce admins and developers.
  • The significance of quality business analysis in Salesforce projects.
  • Vanessa Grant’s journey from music to Salesforce and her approach to business analysis.
  • Strategies for managing complex stakeholder relationships effectively.
  • The challenges business analysts face in the Salesforce ecosystem and how to overcome them.

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