Step into the forefront of Salesforce innovation in this captivating episode of the Salesforce Posse podcast. Recorded at the heart of London’s Calling, this episode features host Francis Pindar in conversation with Salesforce experts Vanessa Grant and Adam Olshansky, exploring the architectural advancements and strategic insights driving Salesforce’s next era.

Amid the vibrant atmosphere of London’s premier Salesforce event, this episode unravels the journey from traditional Salesforce roles to the cutting-edge realms of AI and architecture. Vanessa, with her extensive consulting experience, and Adam, hailing from his technical architect role at Google, shed light on the evolving Salesforce landscape, highlighting the critical role of business analysis and the transformative power of AI.

“Architecting Success” offers a deep dive into the pivotal shifts and emerging trends in the Salesforce ecosystem, providing listeners with a roadmap to navigating and excelling in this dynamic environment. The podcast not only charts the technical evolution of Salesforce but also captures the personal growth stories and professional insights of those leading the charge.

Tune in to “Architecting Success” for an insider’s perspective on the next generation of Salesforce development, the strategic importance of business analysis, and the innovative integration of AI. This episode is a must-listen for anyone eager to grasp the future directions of Salesforce, from seasoned architects to newcomers aspiring to shape the next wave of success in the Salesforce community. Join us on this journey at London’s Calling and be part of the conversation defining Salesforce’s next era.