I think of Andy Engin as one of the masters of Salesforce Flow. My go-to guy on anything Flow related, so it made sense to pick his brains in this month’s Salesforce Posse to dig into how he started in Salesforce, his experience with teaching Flow to 1000s of people across the globe and the future of the Technology.


In this episode of the SalesforcePosse Salesforce Newscast we feature news on: #SalesforceLIVE UK, Salesforce development starts to become all-inclusive, Salesforce pulls the plug on Audience Studio, Results of the Salesforce Developer Survey, Salesforce Functions are coming!!, New Salesforce Pub/Sub API, LucidChart shapes for Salesforce… and loads more!!!

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What is Salesforce Hyperforce and what is the impact that it will have on your Salesforce org? In this months podcast, we take a look at it and also it’s the usual Salesforce eco-system news for April.

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Hello and welcome to the Salesforce Posse Podcast recorded on 12th May 2021, and weโ€™re recording this in full technicolour, so if you want to watch this episode rather than listen you can at from YouTube by going to salesforceposse.com/youtube/. On this episode, we take a look at Salesforce’s service Hyperforce that they announced back in December and have a think about the potential benefits this will make to your org and the current understanding on costs and how it’s being rolled out.

But first up is the Salesforce Ecosystem news.

And now it’s the Salesforce ecosystem news for April 2021. If you want to find the latest Salesforce news then search and subscribe to Salesforce Posse using your favourite podcast player or visit SalesforcePosse.com

So first we can’t continue without mentioning how COVID-19 has been affecting parts of the world and specifically recently India. They have seen a massive spike in cases with infrastructure struggling to cope with the demand for healthcare. I’ve been working on a couple of projects where people I work with have been affected by the Indian pandemic and nations have started to help. Benioff has loaded a 787 stacked full of medical supplies including oxygen concentrators & pulse oximeters that landed on 8th May in India. Salesforce is also making a donation of $1m to local partners in India that are supporting vaccine distribution and food security to some of the most vulnerable communities.

The community has also rallied to support India. Sebastian Wagner has connected up with a number of other Certified Technical Architects to bring CTA Mocks 4 India. The group of volunteer CTAs are offering mock CTA exams to Salesforce Architects in return for donations of 450 euros or 500 dollars. All the money goes to Akshaya Patra (sorry if I’ve pronounced that incorrectly) but an Indian charity providing meal or packed grocery kits to the marginalised and low-income segment of the society in Indian comprising of daily wage workers, migrant labourers, construction site workers, and needy people at old age homes and night shelters. There’s a lot of international focus on Oxygen and medical supply, therefore CTA Mock 4 India want to channel their efforts to the underprivileged.

It’s an absolutely brilliant idea they hit their 10,000 euros goal in under 8 days. I’ve donated and you can still donate now and the details can be found in the show notes.

Salesforce has introduced Salesforce Data Pipelines. This allows you to consolidate your data stored across your organisation into Salesforce. You can then transform, clean and organise the data into a coherent view directly within the bounds of the Salesforce platform. You can then feed that data back out to other systems or write it back into the Salesforce CRM. What’s great is its support for over 50 different external data connectors including AWS Redshift, Microsoft Dynamics, Azure SQL, Tableau and Snowflake.

So rumour on the street is that Dreamforce is back this year. According to Nicole Rodgers the San Francisco Travel Association’s chief sales officer and lead on Moscone Center bookings. Dreamforce is coming back with an in-person event in September this year but she says that Salesforce is absolutely committed to an in-person event which if it does happen will be the first major citywide convention in San Fransisco since March 2020. Under the state’s current health protocols, until 1st of October in-person conventions such as those at the Moscone Center will be capped at 5,000 attendees unless negative Covid test results or vaccination status is verified for all attendees. International guests can only attend if fully vaccinated so I’ve just had my first COVID shot yesterday and my next one in a couple of weeks. But TBH I still think it’s a bit too soon for me, most medical professionals I’ve talked too say that you generally get three peaks in a pandemic so I think I may be watching this one remotely if it does happen.

TrailheadDX is on 23rd June this year and its free. Originally a Developer focussed event, more recently it is aimed at the whole Salesforce audience… Salesforce says it’s for “Devs, admins, architects, partners, and IT leaders, join us as we gather globally with Trailblazers looking to expand their Salesforce skills”. There are going to be 5 broadcast channels with 35 product demos, 27 Content Episodes and 25 Expert-Led rooms. They also have the multi-platinum artists Fitz and the tantrums headline the event. Just head to salesforce.com/trailheadx to secure your free ticket!

Salesforce Summer ’21 is right around the corner so be sure to check out the release readiness chatter group on the Trailblazer community where you can download release in a box, PowerPoint presentations to present to your company with all the changes as well as links to the release webinars.

April is not April without the Salesforce april fool jokes, my favourite by far was by Simon from Supermums. He created notification to users using Salesforce’s In-App Guidence which said: “Please Voice verify to proceed. Due to the new Voice Verification system, every day you must now say your FULL NAME TWICE clearly to Salesforce to proceed. Please do this now to proceed”. He then quietly sat back and listened the chorus of names ecoing across the company ๐Ÿ™‚ Genus.

I think my most successful April Fool was just after Salesforce has launched Lightning and persuaded everyone that Salesforce was bringing back S-Controls because they were javascript too.

In this episode we take a look at the impact Salesforce MFA may have when Salesforce makes it required for all orgs. Salesforce has a new Backup and restore service coming and also we have the Salesforce eco-system news.

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In this podcast, Anup chats to Francis about his Dreamforce experience and the architectural shift that is happening to the Salesforce platform.

0mins – Introduction & What is Dreamforce for newbies

10min – Francis’ Dreamforce highlights

12mins – Customer 360

13mins – Salesforce Evergreen Serverless Functions

21m 41sย – AWS Strategic Partnership

25mย – Einstein Opportunity Scoring free for all

26m 50sย – Local LWC Development

29m 30sย – New Lightning Sandbox

31m 30sย – Improvements to Transaction Security Policies

32m 40sย – True to the Core Session at Dreamforce

36m 30sย – Trailhead GO

37m 30sย – Tableau

40m – Francis’ Favourite talks at Dreamforce


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In this episode, Anup gets down and dirty with continuous integration & deployment with Salesforce and London’s Calling, the largest Salesforce Community event outside the US!!

The Audio quality may not be as good as usual as we didn’t realise one of the microphones was picking up the wrong audio.

CI & CD Tools talked about:

Code Review Tools:

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If you want to learn more about Salesforce Devops checkout a newly published book:


Anup was invited to Salesforce Tower in London for a special session on a deep dive into Web Component Development and Francis talks to him on the tips, tricks and best practice that he learnt.

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A round-up of the news in the World of Salesforce for June 2019, recorded on 23rd August 2019.

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We’re trying out a new way of recording using zencastr.com and we’d love your feedback on what you think? The good, bad and ugly! ๐Ÿ™‚

Salesforce Infrastructure Chatter Group

Follow the group here.

  • New IPs
  • Feature Retirements
  • Instance Refreshes for EU Datacentres
  • Service maintenance outages

4mins – Winter ’20

  • Winter ’20 Sandbox Preview Instructions
  • Our strategies on what sandboxes to keep in the existing version and which ones to upgrade

7min 5secs – The Anti-confetti

8min 10secs – New Salesforce Object Creator – Excel to App…

11min 30secs – ClickSoftware Aquisition

15min 12secs – Other News

Francis’ Tip of the Month


A round-up of the news in the World of Salesforce for June 2019, recorded on 11th July 2019.

Salesforce Permissiongeddon the Results:

Salesforce has published there RCA on the security incident that started on 17th May 2019. Some interesting things in there including their deployment process for database changes and their use of database flashback technology, find out more here:

Code Review Tools

Clayton.io posted a blog: What we learnt scanning 10.2 billion lines of Salesforce code. With some interesting insights

Salesforce acquires Tableau

1000 Trailblazer Groups

Anup steps down from London Developer User Groups:

Ladies be Architects

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