This episode’s guest ‘Paul Battisson’ If you are interested in transitioning from a Salesforce Developer to an Architect or COO role. If you want to awaken your inner curiosity and think more like an architect then I think you are going to get a lot of value out of this conversation with Paul.  
At Salesforce Posse, we interview influencers in the Salesforce ecosystem so that we can gain a better understanding of how to excel in a career path from a Salesforce Admin or Developer to an Architect. In this conversation, I talk to Paul Battisson he is a veteran of the UK Salesforce scene and he started out as a developer at FinancialForce. He has a wealth of experience from transitioning from a Developer to an Architect and now he’s COO at Cloud Galacticos he’s also an author of several Salesforce Books. 
Paul’s Books on Amazon:
00:00 Welcome
01:22 The British Weather
03:17 Paul Battisson’s journey in the Salesforce eco-system
08:35 The Fake Cloud continues in AWS, Azure & GCP
09:50 From Salesforce Developer to Architect
12:07 The importance of Curiosity as an Architect
15:15 You can’t learn everything in Salesforce
17:06 Transitioning from Salesforce Architect to COO
19:27 Be Curious; Research, Try it and Break it 10 times.
24:30 When you have a lot of experience, people can lean on you too much
25:30 How Salesforce Roles transition as companies/Orgs increase in size
27:31 All Salesforce Admins make Architectural Decisions, they just don’t know it
29:00 The barrier to entry into Salesforce is low, just remember what it used to be
33:00 You are a God and you can go in two directions…
36:56 Moving your Salesforce org from the evolved to design & planned
37:57 Your Salesforce org is like a human body
39:25 Salesforce User Experience
40:08 Tips for moving your Salesforce org from the evolved to design & planned
42:30 Observe, Orient, Describe, Act
42:51 Use Asynchronous Processes
47:55 If you could go back in time and give yourself some when and what would it be?
50:00 Failure is an amazing learning experience
52:15 Be Curious and be willing to break things – stop and think

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